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"Reading the words of the Wisdomkeepers, we must understand that these terms- God, Creator, Great Spirit- have been used to convey the concept that all things are interrelated and an equal part of the whole: that we are like drops of rain which will one day return to the ocean, that we are like candles lit by the fire of the sun, forever part of it. The Wisdomkeepers all share the idea that the four-legged and winged nations, the creeping and crawling one, the plant and tree nations and those who dwell among the stars, are descended from and are part of this great Holy Mystery."
Authored by White Deer of Autumn

Copyright©1990 by Steve Wall and Harvey Arden from the book-Wisdomkeepers, Beyond Words Publishing, Hillsboro, Oregon

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Ronald G. Levi Photography - Specializing in stock and fine art landscape photography
of natural area in North America. Images including historic covered bridges,
lighthouses and gristmills.

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